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Under Eye Circles

The key to choosing the right product for under the eyes is understanding what is causing those dark under eye circles in the first place.  Many people thing of dark circles as just a by-product of aging. However, I find that many people have been bothered by these circles even starting during their teen years.  

This is because the big three reasons for dark circles are:  

1. The result of how our eyes sit in the socket. It’s a positional thing- if our eyes are set back in the orbit slightly then there is a shadow that appears under the eyes.

2. The lack or uneven distribution of fat between the muscle and the skin. With less fat between the skin and the muscle the area under the eyes appears darker. Much of the discoloration is likely a result of actually seeing the hue of the muscle under the skin. 

3. Some people  genetically have excess pigment in this area.  This is called periorbital hyperpigmentation. 

We can cause discoloration as well. ‘Eye-rubbers’ and allergy prone people are most likely to trigger dark circles from vascular congestion and even bruising. I also have some patients who simply wear tight goggles for swimming or work that results in dark circles as well from pressure. 

Those with allergies tend to be most prone to causing dark circles around the eyes. Otherwise it’s up to genetics to decide.   For allergy prone individuals, the constant rubbing of the eyes breaks down small blood vessels in the skin leaving a bruise like discoloration around the eyes. The thin skin around the eyes can hold onto this. Also, sinus congestion can lead to back up in those small blood vessels with the same effect.

Looking for some Natural Solutions for Under eyes?

Natural solution #1: Tea bags.

Tea bags that have been in hot water then cooled down can be applied to the eyelids. The caffeine and antioxidants have been shown to reduce vascular congestion and reduce inflammation. 

Natural solution #2: Cucumber slices.

The quintessential spa photo seems to always have a woman with cucumber slices over her eyes. The thought behind cucumber slices is that they can cool the skin and reduce vascular congestion. They also have vitamin K which has been shown to help with circulation as well.

Natural solution #3: Potato slices.

Same effect as cucumber- the cooling of the skin can reduce the vascular congestion to improve the appearance of this area. My only worry about potatoes is that they may contain catecholase which can actually potentially darken the skin. Catecholase is an enzyme that can promote melanin production. 

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