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Saunas : Can your skin handle the heat?

Truly the skin is impacted most by time spent in a sauna. The heat, humidity in the air trigger our blood vessels to dilate.

Saunas stimulate our skin, our body’s  largest organ, to sweat, dilate our pores and release toxins and build up from our skin.

This can feel really good and cleansing but it’s a good idea to keep these things in mind to get the most out of your experience.

1. Do not go in with a wet towel on your skin. There are several case reports of people who went into a sauna with a fully wet towel around their skin. These people developed second degree burns where the towels touched their skin. Wet towels will absorb and concentrate the heat onto your skin. The case reports in the medical literature showed these people fell asleep in the sauna with the wet towel on their skin.

2. Do not go to sleep in the sauna. As tempting as it is! For the same reasons noted above:)

3. Take a shower right afterwards to clean off the excess salt from our sweat that builds up on our skin. This salt can be fairly irritating to eczema prone skin and would be best served by a shower.

4. Moisturize afterwards! After the shower, make sure to apply moisturizer. Sweat evaporating from our skin can paradoxically dry out our skin afterwards. 

5. If you have rosacea be cautious about sauna use. Rosacea is condition where people are very prone to have their facial blood vessels dilate. If you have rosacea and tend to use saunas you may find that you have persistent permanently broken blood vessels on your skin that can only be treated by laser. 

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