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Probiotics for Acne

Our diet as well as the medications we take can influence the number and type of bacteria that normally live in our skin and gut.  Acne is commonly treated with topical and oral antibiotics which can eliminate healthy bacteria from the skin and gut, allowing unhealthy strains of bacteria to thrive and thereby disrupting the normal balance of the skin microbiome.  This alteration can lead to a pro-inflammatory state in the skin and gut which can worsen skin diseases, including acne.

By using probiotics, we are able to re-establish a healthy microbial diversity on the skin and in the gut.  This in turn can improve the skin barrier, drive down inflammation on the skin to reduce the frequency of acne flares, and improve long-term outcomes for patients.  Probiotics are a promising option for patients that can be used in combination with other acne treatments to further improve and prevent acne breakouts.

Probiotics can be added to the diet through live active cultures, such as in yogurts, or through daily supplements that include Lactobacilli and/or Bifidobacterium. 

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