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Out for a walk?

The most common pastime my patients have mentioned for the past several weeks of quarantine has been walking! This is certainly mine as well.

Here are few things that I have come across this past few weeks more commonly to be aware of:

1 Poison ivy: Yes, this is already starting to show itself. Whether your gardening or hiking, there is a chance you may find yourself itching that night or even several days later. We are all washing our hands but the few other places to think of after getting home are to:

- wipe your shoes down with a soapy paper towel. The resin can attach to shoes leading fo delayed contact a few days later.

- wipe down door knobs and keys with soapy water for the same reason

2. Ticks: We have found a couple of ticks this past few weeks as well. Mostly in our gardeners but please remember to do tick checks when you come back indoors!

3. Sunburns: This is the time of year many are not thinking about sun protection. It’s sunny yet cool. That is the perfect recipe for a sunburn- the false sense of security that cooler temperatures bring makes spring one of the most common times of year for us to see severe sunburns! Wear sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and sun safe clothing!

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