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Olay Fresh Reset Pink Mineral Clay Face Mask Stick

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

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Kaolin clay is a soft white clay used for multiple purposes including cosmetic products. There have been medical studies evaluating the properties of kaolin in soaps and cleansers.

Compared to other cosmetic clays, kaolin tends to have a pH closest to the skin’s natural pH. This makes it much less irritating to the skin. It has absorbency properties allowing it to draw away oils and impurities from the skin without leaving behind excess irritation. 

I have tried out a lot of masks and find most overall very easy to use. Given the thickness or viscosity of clay masks, the stick form makes it so much easier to apply an even film without it getting to thick or caked up in some areas.

Although the package doesn’t specify what comprises the ‘pink mineral complex’ it more than likely is the name Olay ascribes to the zinc, titanium, magnesium and copper in the product. These ingredients are known for their antioxidant qualities and can help to further reduce inflammation. 

In general masks are not always ‘necessary’ but they are loved by many!

I like this product because it’s a simple one to recommend when someone is looking for a mask that is less likes to irritate the skin and leave it looking polished. 

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