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Magnetic lashes: What to know...


I actually find magnetic lashes to be overall safe once you get used to applying them and at least avoid sticky messy glues. I don’t have a specific brand I recommend but more things to look for when choosing the right brand for your precious eyes! The key to remember with these is that they are applied to both sides of your current lashes unlike traditional false lashes. This is where many of my patients that have run into some issues with lashes have inadvertently poked themselves in the eye. Although there are different recommendations on how to apply these, I find it best to apply the top lash. Then trust the magnet and let the bottom lash snap into place. There is no need to force this! My patients that run into issues sometimes get a little aggressive about trying to push the lash into place as opposed to letting it snap in place. Use plastic tweezers and not metal tweezers to apply. Sometimes the lashes will ‘stick’ to metal tweezers. Remember to take these lashes off before going through an MRI! One big bonus with magnetic lashes is that they do not usually rub against eyeglasses. This is most likely because the placement is along the outer lash line.

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