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How to wash your face...

It’s first off most important to know and understand your skin. 

The most common misconception is how many times you need to wash your face a day.  This can vary widely and ultimately our skin gets used to our habits.  If you have really oily skin, washing your face twice a day may help.  If your skin is dry or sensitive, washing twice daily can really strip your skin of natural oils and dry you out further.  In these cases once daily at night may be best.    

If you are sweating quite a bit from a workout or play, washing your face afterwards can help remove excess bacteria and oil that builds up on the skin to reduce the tendency towards flares of acne.

If you do wear makeup it’s a good idea to remove this before washing your face.  Some heavier makeups and pigments do not always easily wash off with just soap and water.  It helps to remove your makeup first with a makeup remover or Vaseline on a cotton pad, then cleanse. 

After washing, applying a moisturizer is important to do.  Some love the ‘tight’ feeling after washing their face! It just “feels clean”.  However, this tight feeling is excess dryness that can start to peel or crack and feel sensitive afterwards.  By applying a moisturizer you can effectively protect your skin from overdrying.

Water temperature is often referenced when people talk about washing their face.   Lukewarm water is ideal and gentle.  Washing with hot water will not necessarily “open your pores”.  It will make you flush and make your pores seem more prominent because of swelling in the skin.  Will hot water open up your pores to empty them out? Probably not as much as you think.  I worry that the hot water will only further strip the skin of natural oils.  Similarly cold water to “shock” your pores closed seems like an unnecessary bit of discomfort to take on.  Even if your pores seem temporarily a bit smaller from the cold water exposure, your body heat will warm them right back up to their original size:)

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