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How to pop a pimple...

I often hear from patients that they never know if it’s ok to pop a pimple or guilt when they admit to popping them! I remind patients that there are many reasons to consider popping a pimple, it’s just important to do it the right way to minimize the chances of scarring. Remember that studies have shown that acne can scar with or without popping pimples. Scarring is based more on how deep the inflammation associated with acne is- the deeper the inflammation and longer it lasts leads to a higher chance of scarring.

To pop your own pimples get a sense of whether or not it’s actually ready to go. Is it close to the surface? Do you see the opening of the pore it started in? If it’s not ready yet, use an acne spot treatment to encourage it to come to the surface for a few nights. Once it’s ready, take two Q tips or cotton tips and place each on opposite sides of the pimple. Then gently apply pressure towards the center. Reposition them at different angles to help the process. By using Q tips and not your hands or a device, then you are less likely to traumatize your skin in the process of extracting your acne.

If your acne is hurts and really isn’t ‘popping’ , if you can see your dermatologist to have the spot poked or incised or injected it helps.

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