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How to choose a cleanser for different skin types

Skin type : Acne Prone

Over the counter most acne products contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

If your acne is mostly clogged pores: salicylic acid containing cleansers can be helpful to achieve some exfoliation to help open these pores and unclog them.

If your acne is inflamed- pus bumps and redness: benzoyl peroxide containing products can help as they also target bacteria in the skin.

If you have sensitive skin: sulfur containing cleansers can help with treat both acne and prevent skin sensitivities.

If you skin is excessively oily, charcoal containing cleansers can help absorb excess oil.

Skin Type : Dry

There’s a common tendency for people to look for “foaming” cleansers.  There is this sense that if it doesn’t foam its not cleaning.  Foaming can actually strip your skin of more natural oils. Just because a cleanser feels “slimy” doesn’t mean it isn’t working!  Sometimes these ones will be far less irritating and less drying. Soap and water is perfectly ok to use as a cleanser but can alter the pH of the skin leading to a condition called seborrhea.  If you prefer a bar soap, just check to see that it says facial bar soap to ensue that its likely formulated for facial skin.  If you are looking for more “treatment” and not just clean, switch to a cleanser that touts added ingredients for various conditions such as acne or antiaging.

Skin Type : Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin types will often find that cleansers that are free of perfumes or fragrances will be far less irritating for their skin. Try to avoid getting caught up in ‘all natural’ or ‘botanical’ based products. For some these will be ok- for many these can be extremely irritating for sensitive skin! 

Skin Type : Aging / Fine lines

Chemical exfoliants are products that use ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, or enzymes to dissolve the fats or lipids in the superficial layers of skin to help shed these cells and the by-products of these cells such as keratin and sebum or oil. These can be helpful for those looking to maximize their anti-aging routine by promoting a more youthful appearance through gently chemical exfoliation. 

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