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Dry skin : Not a cosmetic issue

By Dr Erum ILYAS, MD

When you think about dry skin, think of your skin as not smooth like a wall- it’s more like a cobblestone street. Cold weather, low thyroid, hot showers, and aging amongst other causes tends to break apart the mortar that holds the bricks (our skin cells) together and depletes the natural oils in our skin. This makes them more susceptible to irritation and sensitivities from the environment.  The skin can start to take on a ‘cracked porcelain’ like appearance. When it lasts too long, the ‘cracks’ will start to become pink and inflamed from outside irritation or sensitivities.

As our skin loses its natural oils and hydration, we need to replace these with hydrating products. If you think about the cobblestone street analogy- if the mortar between the bricks is dissolving then we need to fill in those areas with the right products! 

If we don’t take the steps to control dry skin, then there can be several issues that follow…


Itchy skin.  One of the most common issues that comes up with excess dry skin is itching.  It can be a little frustrating when the itch-scratch cycle starts because it can be hard to shake.  The break down in the mortar between the cells makes our skin more sensitive to the environment.  This can result in an itchy sensation that leads us to want to scratch it.  Most often this itch is worse at night when trying to sleep.  This is when we have less distractions to let us focus on our skin.  I even have patients they scratch when they sleep- sometimes one foot against the other leg or using the tubing of the mattress to scratch the ankles.  By taking the time to apply moisturizer before bedtime or after showers, this tendency can be reduced.


Fissures or cracks in the skin.  The break down in the skin can cause small fissures or cracks in the skin.  These will burn or sting when using hand sanitizer and worsen with each hand washing.  When this gets severe, all the moisturizer in the world will not feel like it works!  If you are lucky and Vaseline or thicker moisturizers repair the skin then take the time to apply moisturizer after each hand washing.  If you feel like it persists no matter how hard you try to clear it, it may be time to see your dermatologist to consider a steroid cream to help speed the recovery.


Infections/ cellulitis.  One of the main reasons I take the time to counsel patients on the importance of dry skin care is the simple fact that one of the most common reasons for hospital consultations for dermatology is cellulitis.  Many of these cases could have been prevented by simple skin care regimens. This commonly occurs on the ankles or lower legs of people with poor circulation and dry skin.  The Itchiness, especially at night, can get out of control.  Some will say they even wake up and find little blood stains on their sheets.  If the skin breaks down enough, bacteria can find its way in and infect or inflame the skin.  This is a big problem.  When this happens in someone with poor circulation, they have little ability to clear out impurities in the skin.  Taking the right measures to protect and repair the skin early can save a lot of a unnecessary hospital admissions and IV antibiotics!

How can you prevent these issues from arising?

Action #1:

Moisturize after every shower.  Get a big bottle of fragrance free moisturizer. Stick it in your shower.  When you turn the shower water off, apply the moisturizer to damp skin and then blot dry.  It will work better and last longer!

Action #2:

Turn down the temperature of the water in your shower.  The hotter the shower the drier your skin will get.  I know it may feel good when you are in there but your skin will pay the price later!

Action #3:

Don’t be afraid to seek help when it doesn’t get better within 1-2 weeks of using a moisturizer.  The more aggressive you are about managing dry skin, the less likely your dry skin can get infected.

Action #4:

Avoid fragrance products when possible.  These can tend to irritate or dry the skin out further in many people.

Action #5:

I know Vaseline is greasy but I works! Sometimes it’s the only thing that can really hydrate, repair and protect the skin effectively.  At least try it out at night.

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