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Cellulite is the term used to refer to the dimpling of the skin on the buttocks and thighs that occurs when fat underneath the skin push through the loose connective tissue in the skin. It results in the ‘lumpy bumpy’ appearance of the skin. It is common- estimates show that well over 80-90% of women have it! This appearance can look worse when bloated or with extra fluid in our soft tissue. Massaging the areas can improve the appearance of cellulite. This may be somewhat possible by reducing the excess fluid in the soft tissue by massaging it out. However, this cannot get rid of the actual fat or improve the strength  connective tissue fibers that have loosened to result in the actual cellulite. The only way to do this is to either treat the fat (noninvasive radio frequency fat removal or liposuction) or tighten the adhesions through subcision. 

The thing I remind patients seeking cosmetic options for cellulite is that most every woman has it!

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