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Beets & Your Skin


The impact diet has on our skin seems obvious to all of us at first but surprisingly difficult to find studies that consistently support the claims. This is probably due to a multitude of factors. The interaction of different foods, different ways each person processes food and absorbs nutrients, varying ways that some foods are produced based on environmental conditions/fertilizers/pesticides, different ways we prepare foods- and the list goes on and on!

This article will focus on the ins and outs of beets! If I see a beet salad on a restaurant menu, I can’t resist ordering it! So what about beets makes them healthy?

Beets are a good source for:

Vitamin C




There are studies that have shown that supplementing your diet with beetroot juice will improve your circulation and decrease your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It was actually studied in patients with Raynaud’s- a condition where there are temporary vasospasms reducing circulation to our hands, feet, fingers and toes when it’s cold.

Vitamin C is well documented to improve our immune functioning. When you hear about it for skin it’s usually in the form of a serum that fights hyperpigmentation. It is difficult to say how much of an impact dietary vitamin C will have on the skin as absorption will vary significantly from person to person.

Adding fiber to your diet will actually help reduce the risk of constipation. Why is this important for your skin? There is a study that shows that gastrointestinal dysfunction actually is a risk factor for diseases of our oil glands. Skin health and the gut have a lot of connections that still need to be studied!

Folate is thought to play a role in preventing cancer because it promotes DNA repair. Adding this to your diet has been shown to help maintain your health of your cells by preventing the damage to your DNA.

Beets also contain oxalates. If you have or are susceptible to kidney stones then it may be better to avoid beets as oxalates can promote kidney stones.

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